Although this is our introductory coaching service you will still benefit from a truely indiviudalized training plan and frequent commmunication of the Panache Coaching philosophy. You will also benefit from the weatlh of knowledge and experience coach Ronan Mc Laughlin has to offer.

Of course this isn't the world tour so there is some aspects of the plan that are not quite the same. The training file analysis is less frequent and training plans will be longer in advance with fewer review based adjustments.

Coach - Ronan Mc Laughlin

Continental Package: 

  • Initial review and goal setting workshop
  • Test analysis and zone setting
  • Month to month personalised training plans
  • Specific daily training sessions 
  • Weekly file analysis
  • Unlimited communications 
  • Basic Trainingpeaks account
  • V.C. Panache membership

Continetal Coaching

Coaching Plans