Our Pro conti level coaching is the next step up in professional coaching structure. This is for anyone who takes their training very seriously and is serious about achieving results.  This package incorparates everything our Continental package entails and then some. As a Pro Conti athlete you will work with the hugely experienced Philip Deignan, availing of the latest training techniques and marginal gains being used in the very best teams in the world right now. 

Coach - Philip Deignan 

Pro Contiental Package:

  • Iniital review and goal setting workshop
  • Test analysis and zone setting 
  • Customised training plan
  • Twice weekly file analysis
  • Training plan adjustments 
  • Unlimited communications 
  • Premium Trainingpeaks account
  • Performane and tactial review & feedback
  • Introductory representation with teams
  • Discounted Panache Coaching kit
  • V.C. Panache membership

Pro Conti Coaching

£200.00 Regular Price
£150.00Sale Price
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