Coach Emmett Mullan has been competing in triathlon for almost a decade focusing mainly on sprint and Olympic distance and category 1 super series. Emmett has a drive and a passion for all things endurance sports and having recently graduated with a BSc Hons in sport, health & exercise science is perfectly positioned to help you arrive at your target event in peak condition. 

Having developed a great understanding of scientific research during his studies, Emmett is able to continue his development as a coach and exercise scientist through real world experience and coaching. 

Emmetts coaching philosophy is simple yet effective and athelte centred: 

"Each and every athlete is unique and therefore requires a coaching service unique and specifically designed for them" 

Emmett uses a mixture of science based research, experience and tried and tested methods to develop a holistic training plan specificially targetting the training stimulus required for you to reach your performance goals. 

Emmett's most important aspects in a athlete:coach relationship is

1) Regular, meaningful and honest communicaiton

2)Mutual respect and trust

3)A clear understanding of expectations from both parties. 

4) Have fun and be able to enjoy your training. 


Triathlon Elite Package: 

  • Specific daily training sessions 
  • Weekly analysis
  • Month to month personalised training plans
  • Unlimited communication via phone/text/email etc.
  • 25% off lactate testing, test analysis and zone setting
  • Dietary advice
  • Members only Panache Coaching Facebook group & exclusive discounts
  • 25% off 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Initial review and goal setting workshop
  • Basic Trainingpeaks account

Triathlon Elite Coaching

£120.00 Regular Price
£90.00Sale Price
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