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Aerodynamic positioning and cda analysis

Here at Panache Coaching our bike fitting service will help you dial in your position in terms of comfort and power. We now also offer you the opportunity to maximize your performance gains by analyzing and optimizing in your aerodynamic TT position.

Using our Notio Konect real time, on-bike wind tunnel technology in combination with our bike fitting service we can ensure you achieve the perfect balance between aerodynamics and a sustainable position. It is this combination of speed and comfort that will enable you to achieve new levels of performance. 

We will calculate your aerodynamic coefficient and performance in real time to find the speed you never knew you had. The Notio Aerometer calculates your aerodynamics coefficient and on-bike performance in real-time and post-ride, so you can ride further and faster. 

In providing you with an accurate measurement of your CdA you will also be able to accurately predict future performances in goal events and further understand where performance gains can be achieved. 

You can also buy or rent a Notio Konect head unit from us to do further long term analysis in both training and racing.

Diagnostics Services
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