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Power performance decoder

lab accurate testing at home

Test on Zwift or outdoors

World Tour level diagnsotics at home

Easy to follow testing at home

Power performance decoder

The Power-Performance Decoder (PPD) is the first and only tool on the market, that combines lab- and field data.

Up to now power duration curve and physiological data from lab or field testing stood separately. There was no way to melt them together for a complete diagnostics profile.  PPD merges field- and lab data, it enables coaches to see, how they belong together and how they are to be looked at as a unit.

Thoroughly tested by pro teams and coaches

Validated by over 150 studies, INSCYD’s PPD is used by world championship cyclists and triathletes around the world.

In the past months, PPD has been used and thoroughly tested by pro teams CCC, SEG Racing as well as by many WorldTour coaches and coaching businesses – also in direct comparison to lactate- and lab tests. This way, top-level accuracy is not only guaranteed, but validated.


Innovative Testing

  • ‘Virtual Lab’ – INSCYD captures all the data you would get in a lab – and more – in a simple field test.

  • Ability to combine power data, with laboratory data (lactate or VO2).

  • INSCYD PPD provides the same level of accuracy as lab testing, with a much deeper look at an athletes unique characteristics.

Accessible and Fast

  • Easy and fast – You can complete the tests in less than 90 minutes or split over multiple days.

  • Time savings and ability to train from literally anywhere. Eliminate the time it takes to drive to a lab, take the test, wait for results. This amounts to days of time, and huge cost, and impact to training schedules/camps or racing.

  • More efficient testing resulting in much more personalised training plans.

Athlete-first Assessment

  • 360 degree athlete performance profile

  • Validated – by world tour teams, peer reviewed science, medal winning performances

  • Competitive edge – Keep athletes one step ahead, with the most proven upgrade an athlete can make to gain watts/time/efficiency. With INSCYD we can tune your engine for continual improvements, not just one-off improvements from equipment upgrades.  

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