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Passionate About Supporting Others

At Panache Coaching we have one clear goal - helping you achieve your cycling goals!

We have a core set of values and a coaching philosophy we apply to our coaching to ensure not only that you have the best chance of success, but also an enjoyable experience. It is our belief that all athletes, whether new to racing or moving into the World Tour, perform best when they are happy and motivated. We pride ourselves on an athlete-centred philosophy that puts your motivations and enjoyment at the heart of our service. A core part of our philosophy is understanding that each athlete is an individual and no two riders will ever be the same. As such, each athlete deserves their own bespoke service.


We believe a strong athlete-coach relationships is crucial for all aspects of performance. We focus on cultivating this relationship to ensure the best possible service for athletes. Communication is at the center of this. We don't believe a phone call once per month is sufficient communication. Rather, we prefer to hear from our athletes as often as necessary, and we encourage regular feedback by any means.

This relationship is also key to developing your bespoke training plan. Rather than simply provide you with a somewhat "made to measure" training plan, akin to adjusting a standard-sized suit to fit an individual, we create  bespoke service specific to each individual.  To create this service, we get to know and understand the athlete better. Through a series of conversations, tests, reviews and feedback, we get a greater understanding of each athlete's exact characteristics, strengths & weaknesses, motivations, experience and challenges. We then curate a service to better support this athlete. Nowhere is this more evident than in the service we provide for the women we coach. At Panache Coaching we recognise that female athletes are not small men, and as such have a vastly different set of opportunities and challenges in their sporting endeavors


At Panache Coaching, we recognise that a training plan is only one piece of the performance jigsaw. That's why our services extend much further than just coaching. We are on hand to advise on all aspects of your sporting development. This ranges from nutrition to bike fitting, from tactics to bunch skills, and from metabolic profiling to aero-testing. We deliver a holistic service akin to that a World Tour pro would expect. 

There are a myriad of factors that can have huge impact on sporting performance. At Panache Coaching, we understand the value and importance of modern technology and scientific developments. We also recognise the huge role both tradition and experience play in the world of cycling.  At Panache Coaching, we specialise in the art of blending modern science with the practical experience gained over a combined 35+ years across all levels of the sport. 

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  • British Red Cross - emergency first aid for sport

  • Ride leader training

  • Sported Engage Her training

  • Sport Ireland Anti-Doping - sample collection procedures course

  • Training Peaks Level 1 Coach

  • Sport Ireland Foundation, Level 1 and Level 2 coaching courses

  • British Red Cross - emergency first aid for sport

  • Silver award Velotech bicycle maintenance

  • Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work

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