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Don't just take our word for it,
ask those who we work with day in, day out.

Lizzie Deignan - Trek Segafredo

I am, of course, a bit biased when it comes to working with Philip (my husband), but having worked with a few world-class coaches during my career, I have the experience to know Philip is one of the best. Prior to working with Philip I could see that my performance had started to plateau. I needed to push my body and approach to training differently. Since giving birth to my daughter, I have had lifetime bests and my performance has improved. This is thanks to Philip's training and his unique approach to my training. Every week my workload changes according to my race schedule and family life. Philip's background of being a professional cyclist means his approach is very scientific but also realistic. Previously I was over-trained; now I train less, but smarter, and I’m stronger as a result. I trust Philip to get the best out of me because his approach is so individualistic. Coaching a woman is different to coaching a man, because of our physiology but also because of the different demands of racing (distance/intensity etc.), and it is the first time in my career that this has been recognized and I haven’t just done a 'copy paste' of male pro training with less volume. Philip is patient, motivating and enthusiastic and a great choice of coach!


Darragh O'Mahony - Swift Carbon Pro Cycling

I am now going into my fourth season with Ronan as my coach. Over the years with his guidance I have grown hugely as a person on and off the bike. For me personally he inspires a lot of confidence as I know that he has been through it all cycling-wise and can offer guidance on just about any situation. I couldn’t recommend him more highly for his training expertise and tactical know-how.


Mark McGinley - Four Masters CC

Ronan has been coaching me for the past two seasons now. In that time, I've gone from being an average A3 rider to A1. I've had loads of results in races throughout the year, and I even won a number of races too, something I thought was never possible. This is all down to Ronan's experience, professional approach to training and his attention to detail. The coaching is always extremely easy to understand and complete. There's always a variety of sessions which keeps it interesting and enjoyable too.


Imogen Cotter - Keukens Redant Cycling Team

I have been coached by Ronan since about November of last year. When I came to Ronan, the only way I could ride was indoors on the turbo, as I had no bike at the time. For the 2 months while I waited for my bike to arrive, I was essentially stuck on the turbo. Ronan helped me make big strength gains with less training than I would ideally be doing.  I never felt bored or dreaded going into a session.

Ronan hasn’t just helped me in terms of increasing my power output. He has helped me understand the importance of fuelling wisely, by looking at aspects of my nutrition that left a lot to be desired and helping me to tweak them. He has helped me to understand racing more, that it isn’t just about going all out, but sometimes about being smart and holding back. It is great to talk with a coach who has the experience of riding in a pro peloton to back up what he is saying. He has helped me to get more comfortable on a bike, by doing skills session and drills with me. He made things ‘click’ for me that I struggled to get the hang of before, like descending and sprinting. He has shown me the importance of bike positioning, by taking the time to do an on-the-bike bike fit with me, which completely changed my bike handling. I now understand the importance of recovering better, taking the time to have a shake when I get back from a hard ride, and eating a good recovery meal in time.

I am looking forward to getting stronger and fitter over the course of 2020 with Panache!


Matthew Sparrow - Team Dan Morrissey - - Pactimo

The number one advantage of being with Panache Coaching is access to Ronan’s experience when it comes to racing and training. It’s reassuring to know that whatever situation you face, that Ronan has experienced it himself and that he can help guide you through it. This has allowed me to improve step by step and achieve consistent race results.

Mandy Collie - Velocity CC

Panache Coaching, and specifically Ronan Mc Laughlin, dials into what it is you need to achieve. Coming back from a hip replacement and not trained in some time, with a goal in mind to ride the Haute Route Dolomites in June 2020, the training Ronan has prescribed ensures my body has been able to adjust to regular training again.  It’s the small things that matter and knowing the training is being specific 6 months out from the event is reassuring and provides me with confidence for the event.  Ronan’s love of coaching, with an inquisitive and knowledgeable mindset, to ensure he is delivering and devising new ways to make improvements for his athletes both on and off the bike gives me huge confidence towards achieving my goal. 


Ryan Reilly - Dan Morrissey - - Pactimo


Ciara Kelly - North Pole CC

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