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Ever wondered if you need a bike fit?
Ever wonder if your expert bike fit is enough?

At Panache Coaching our trained diagnostics experts will help you assess if your current bike fit is optimal.

There are many bike fitting services and systems readily available today. With motion analysis, pressure mapping and highly skilled fitters these bike fit studios provide a vital service.


However, the strength of most of these services, i.e, indoor motion analysis and joint angle tracking is also their weakness. While all of these bike fitting services will get riders close to their optimal position, they cannot measure what is happening "below the hood".

At Panache Coaching we are offering the opportunity to delve into the details. We assess first if you need a bike fit, saving you time and money. Then, if necessary, we suggest modifications to your current position based on real-time motion performance analytics.  Where most bike fits revolve around joint angles we assess performance and quality of movement to reach your optimal fit. 

We look at key motion performance indicators, namely: 

  • Dead Spot Score

  • Foot Angular Range

  • Pelvic Angle, Rotation and Rock

  • Torso Angle, Rotation and Rock


Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 11.51.29.png
Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 11.53.43.png

At Panache Coaching we utilise the Leomo Labs Type R, Type S and LVS systems to bring lab grade motion analysis and accuracy to you at home or on the road. The leomo systems provide us with a multitude of information about your movement and specifically your quality of movement. We also assess your pelvic stability which is key to efficient, powerful cycling and long term performance and comfort. 

By bringing the bike fitting "lab" to you we can analyse both real time and long term results. We can assess your current position to first off ascertain if you need your fit adjusted. If this assessment suggests you could benefit from adjustment we can then make targeted adjustments to improve your dead spot score, pelvic stability, movement quality and even improve the sustainability of your aerodynamic TT or Triathlon position.

Leomo's LVS is a video capture application that allows us to unlock the power of real motion analysis. LVS and LEOMO’s TYPE-R or TYPE-S we utilise in our diagnostics services work seamlessly together to give us the ability to sync numerical motion data with video capture in your real-world environment. This form of motion analysis provides us with the information to assess your symmetry on the bike,  pelvic stability, technique. It allows us to find your weaknesses, instabilities and impaired ranges of movement. Overall this enables us to provide a dynamic analysis of your cycling position for road, TT, triathlon and MTB.

The LVS utilises a tablet’s camera to record you in motion at 120 to 240 frames per second while also pairing wirelessly to the LEOMO device to get you immediate feedback from the motion sensors. The five motion sensors then record the athlete’s movements at 100 data points per second. This enables us to fully and accurately asses your current position.

Diagnostics Services
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