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Deep dive into the minor details that make a major difference 
Diagnostics Services

Ever wondered if you need a bike fit?

What your actual training zones are or what exactly you should be training?

How aero am I and how aero can I be?

Is it my bike optimized for my event? 

Which equipment would work best for me? 

What time will I do in my target event? How can I best improve that time? 

At Panache Coaching our diagnostics service can answer all these questions and more all from convenience of your home roads. No long drives to a multitude of specialists or expensive wind tunnel visits. We can check everything from your bike fit to your CdA, your FTP to your pedalling dead spot score with lab level accuracy in a real world, outdoor setting.

We delve into the detail to ensure you can ride at your very best. Check out our services below and contact us for more information. 

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