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Welcome to the first indoor training guide from Panache Coaching! Thank you for taking the time to download this guide. We know that many people are feeling uncertain and anxious surrounding COVID-19. You may be missing your group rides, and uncertain about whether or not you should ride outdoors. We wanted to make this guide available and accessible for all, no matter what your level, to give you a structure you can follow over the coming weeks.

Remember, if we want to keep riding and avoid lockdown over the coming weeks, it is important to remember the difference we can make if we cycle alone. By cycling in groups, we heighten the risk of crashing, and possibly taking a hospital bed from someone who may need it a lot more than us. We also know that COVID-19 is spread through droplet contamination. I don’t think anyone needs to be told how common spitting and coughing is in a group of cyclists! Now is not the time to cycle in groups, no matter how tempting it may be!



  • Towel: Always make sure you have a towel on hand. This is handy to drape over your handlebars (no-one likes sweaty bar-tape), and to mop your brow after you’ve finished a tough set!

  • Fluids: When you ride outdoors, it is recommended you go through 1 bidon an hour. In turbo training, you generally lose more sweat than outdoors, so try to take on more water. It can also be helpful to add some electrolyte tabs to your water.

  • Fan: Although not an essential, it will make your indoor riding a lot more comfortable and enjoyable! There is a fan for every budget out there, from the remote-controlled Headwind, to a basic fan with one setting.

  • Fuel: If you’re trying to get a bit of an endurance ride done on the rollers, you need to have some easy-to-eat snacks nearby to ensure you get through it. Keeping fuelled and hydrated will mean that you get through your session feeling strong, and without your heart rate drifting up too high!

  • Training mat: When you’re training indoors, you can sweat A LOT. It’s a good idea to have a mat of some sort under your trainer – this can protect the floor and also stop your trainer from possibly moving around. This doesn’t need to cost a fortune – a basic yoga mat will do.





Below are several sessions that can be done over the coming weeks. These are some of our favourites. If you have a smart turbo trainer, you can use FTP % for determining your target watts for these sessions. If you don’t have power, we have put in an RPE scale at the end of this guide. RPE stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion, and runs on a scale of 1-10.


A good way to implement these sessions into your training could be as follows:

Annotation 2020-03-25 083808.png


  • If you find indoor training a bit monotonous or a chore to get through, you can change it up by buying yourself a Zwift membership. One of our Panache coaches, Imogen Cotter, will be running group rides on Zwift over the coming weeks to keep a group ride atmosphere going!

  • Always make sure you are wearing comfortable and high-quality bib shorts when riding on the turbo. When riding outdoors, we naturally move more and get out of the saddle more. On the turbo, we don’t move as much, so it’s even more important to be comfortable.

  • If you have a long endurance ride on the cards, it can be tricky getting it done on the indoor trainer. It is more both physically and mentally tiring. Shorten your ride, e.g. 3 hours can become 2 hours, and don’t be afraid to split it into blocks of 60 mins. Whatever works for you to get through this time!



  • There are some other indoor training platforms you can try out as well. Rouvy, FulGaz and The Sufferfest all offer a 14-day free trial. The Sufferfest also offers yoga and stretching routines. CVRcade is a free training and racing platform, which can easily be downloaded to your laptop or computer.

  • If you need some extra motivation to get through an endurance spin indoors, try to find a podcast or Netflix show that you like. This helps the time to go faster. If you have Zwift, you can use the Companion app to join in on group rides.

  • Try to get a little table beside your turbo where you can keep things you might need: extra water bottles, some food, maybe an extra towel or emergency gel!

  • You might feel like your routine has been completely thrown off due to to Coronavirus scare. A good way to get back into the groove is by scheduling in your workouts. Even if you are training at home, set aside the time to have your workout without interruption.



If you have enjoyed this indoor training guide, you can get in contact with us on Instagram or Facebook through the links below. We have different plans that can help you stay on track and focused towards whatever goals you may have – riding your first century (100 miles) or simply just getting fitter. Our most popular plans are listed below!

For a more personalised and tailored plan check out our 12-week Personalised training plan. After a consultation with one of our coaches, we will design a tailored 6-week plan for you based on your goals. We will keep an eye on your program, and after the first 6-week block, we will arrange another consultation to see how you have progressed! After this, we will prescribe your second 6-week block. Usually €162/£150 you can use the code "Stayhome" to get 33% off until the end of March. 

Continental coaching package: €92/£85. With this plan, you get more frequent feedback and contact with your coach. We prescribe your training on a week-to-week basis and will make adjustments based on your feedback.

Send an email to or to get some more info!

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