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At Panache Coaching we have one clear ambition - helping you achieve your cycling goals!

With vast experience and a diverse background, we have coaches to not only help you achieve your goals, but coaches who have most likely targeted similar goals and lived the same challenges you will face on your way. 

As a team we have work with promising young riders, international athletes, national champions and those in full time "real world" jobs. We have experience of the demands of each of these scenarios and we know how best to tailor your training.

We have a core set of values and a coaching philosophy we apply to our coaching to ensure that you not only have the best chance of success but also an enjoyable experience. It is our belief that all athletes, whether new to racing or moving into the World Tour, perform best when they are happy and motivated. We pride ourselves on an athlete-centred philosophy that puts your motivations and enjoyment at the heart of our service.

We believe that being a coach is so much more than just writing a training plan; that is why we offer membership packages rather than coaching packages. 

Whether you're a promising young rider hoping to try racing at the highest level or someone getting into the sport later in life, Panache Coaching has a coaching option that is right for you.

For more information on our coaching options, contact us here.


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