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Pre-season Training Camp:
Be your best - it will need more than just watts

Are you an aspiring racing cyclist, new to racing or looking to improve? Have your results plateaued? Or maybe you're a young talented rider looking to race internationally for the first time, perhaps for a whole year? Our 'Pre-Season Panache Experience' is certainly not to be missed. Panache Coaching are offering you the chance to make a huge impact on your chances of success in future races.

Here at Panache Coaching we have been through the ranks, from underage racing, right the way through junior and U23, up to the professional ranks. We have first-hand experience of what it takes to make it to the top of our sport. As coaches we work with some of the most talented athletes in the country, both male and female


Our 'Pre-Season Panache Experience' offers you the chance to get some fantastic mileage in your legs at a difficult time of year with weather at home. In addition to all the miles and specific training to meet your goals, we offer a unique opportunity to gain an insight, understanding and improved skillset for the demands of top-level bike racing.

We believe being a competent, skilled and knowledgable bike rider is worth countless watts on your FTP. We have seen so many riders struggle with racing both at home and internationally, not because they weren't strong or fit enough, but simply because they lacked the skillset and understanding of top level racing. 

Our 'Pre-Season Panache Experience' will give you an opportunity to learn these vital skills and increase your all-round ability. We will look at tactics, bike handling skills, bunch riding skills, riding in echelons, descending, working with a support car and much more. Every spin during the week will have a specific skill to work on and every evening will have a debrief and Q&A. 

Regardless of what level you're currently at, we have a group for you. If you're new to racing and looking to give yourself every opportunity by learning the correct way to race instead of developing bad habits - we have a group for you. If you're a seasoned racer looking to improve both fitness and specific skills, we have a group for you. Lastly, if you're a young, up-and-coming rider hoping to 'make it pro', we definitely have a group for you!


As with all our experiences, every group gets the same great service and all of the following is included: transport, accommodation, all meals, top-end bike hire, group leaders including our coaches and current/former pros, support car and back-up staff. You'll even get a unique 'Pre-Season Panache Experience' jersey. 

This is a fantastic, not to be missed opportunity to enjoy some sun shine rays and wonderful cycling days. You will also have the chance to cycle alongside our tour leaders, ask questions and hear their cycling experiences. The group leader will be alternated each day ensuring everyone has a chance to ride with all our leaders.


Our tour leaders, both male and female, are experienced in racing at the highest level and will be on hand to give you advice and support to further enjoy your week and upcoming season. 

From students, to athletes racing internationally, to full-time working parents, we know and understand the difficulty in finding time for your cycling due to the demands and pressures of the real world. This experience will help you give yourself every chance of making it to being the best you can be.

Click here to register your interest for this trip in November 2020 or February 2021. 

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Image by Brandon DesJarlais
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